First year Master program - Quantum Information (QI) - Physics

This program is dedicated to teaching quantum information for physicists. Within the physics first year Master program, we propose two course units.

Program structure

MU4PY118: Algorithmic complexity theory (3 ECTS)
This unit offers general training in algorithmic complexity theory to physics students interested in the interface between physics and computer science, in particular quantum information. We will try to present, in particular, the richness of the formal construction of this discipline, its historical developments and its vast field of applications illustrated by numerous examples. 

Thematics / Notions and content:

MU4PY201: Classical and quantum Shannon’s Theory (6 ECTS)
This unit offers a general training in information theory (Shannon theory) to students who want to integrate a Master 2 in research, in particular related to quantum information.  We will try to demonstrate, in particular, how based on the concept of entropy, it is possible to characterize information data processing, in the presence or not of noise. Applications to telecommunications, classical or quantum, will be shown, but also links with thermodynamics and open quantum systems.

Thematics / Notions and content:

Classical Shannon theory:

  • entropies de Shannon, Boltzmann et von Neuman: physique et mesures de l'information

Note that after this first year, students can either join the joint second year with Computer Science students, but also other physics masters specialized in quantum physics in general. This program is taught in French

For more information about this program (Profil M1 - Information quantique), please go here