Masters program

Sorbonne University is proposing a master program dedicated to Quantum Information in Paris! This program is supported by the Quantum Information Center Sorbonne (QICS), the Computer Science Master Department, and Physics Master Department. Experts from Sorbonne Université labs (LIP6LKBINSPINRIA, etc.) will be part of this program divided into two main specialties the 1st year (computer science and physics) with a joint course the second year.

Masters program

First year

Computer science – Quantum information 

This program is dedicated to teaching recent research results in quantum algorithmic, quantum cryptography, photonic quantum computing and quantum information theory. It is given in English for an international student audience. Find our FAQ here

Physics - Quantum Information

This program is dedicated to teaching quantum information for physicists. Within the physics first year Master program, we propose two course units. In the first semester, general training in algorithmic complexity theory and in the second semester, general training in information theory (Shannon theory).


Second Year joint program

Year 2 is a joint program in quantum information, delivered in English, accessible from both quantum information year 1 (Computer Science and Physics). It will address both software and hardware state of the art lectures on quantum information, allowing for a complete overview of the domain and providing students with a unique joint background.