NameInformation et technologies quantiques
Organised by QICS members Quentin Glorieux, Frédéric Grosshans, Valentina Parigi
SummaryThis school aims to provide the basis in quantum communications, in their physical and computational aspects.
Goals?The objective of this course is to give students an overview of quantum networks, from their physical implementations – atomic and photonic – to their potential applications and cryptography or distributed computing, including entanglement distribution protocols.
Who?Master-level and PhD students
When?March 16th to 26th End of June
Where?Institut d’Études Scientifiques, Cargèse, France
LinksPredoctoral school
How to register?Opening registration coming soon

NameEPIT in Quantum informatics – Quantum computer science
SummaryThe topic of the 2021 edition of EPIT is quantum computer science. Quantum computer science aims to understand information processing using information carriers that follow the laws of quantum mechanics.
Goals?The EPIT 2021 aims to make the participants familiar with the core concept of quantum computer science, while at the same time providing an overview of the current active research areas.  Even though we expect many of the participants to have basic familiarity with the formalism of quantum information (such as the notion of superposition or entanglement), we also plan to accommodate participants that never had exposure to the formalism of quantum information and are interested in learning about quantum computing.
Who?The spring school aims at initiating PhD students and junior researchers to a specific area of computer science, as well as possibly attracting more senior scientists willing to open up to a new topic. 
When?Mai 24th to 28th
Where?Marseille, France
LinksEPIT in Quantum informatics
How to register?Opening registration coming soon