Missions and objectives

The Quantum Information Centre in Sorbonne (QICS) is an institute gathering the knowledge and skills in the Alliance Sorbonne Université on quantum information, mainly in computer science and physics, but also in mathematics and human sciences. Its scientific scope is Quantum Information — quantum computing and quantum communications —, as well as its impact in other fields.

Born in the 1980’s, quantum information has shown that basing computers and communications on quantum physics could dramatically improve their performance or achieve result previously thought to be impossible. With many industries around the world possibly impacted by even limited quantum machines, a race has started for research results and for talents both for software and hardware.

The QICS, opening in 2020, builds on the unique set of knowledge and skills from fundamental computer science to quantum physics, experimental demonstrations of quantum advantage, social, economic and philosophical studies of digital technologies present within the Alliance Sorbonne Université. The QICS is dedicated to intensifying experimental – theoretical research and engineering interactions along with exploring societal implications of this new way to treat information. This includes increased teaching efforts in this field and raise of awareness and collaboration within the innovation and industrial ecosystems. 

General objectives of the Centre can be summarized as:

  • Trigger research excellence and collaborative works among Alliance Sorbonne Université
  • Develop a consistent teaching curriculum, from undergraduate to doctoral studies and continuing education.  
  • Outreach toward the general public, other scientific areas, and industries.

To do so, QICS identified 3 main actions:

Animate the QI community 

  • hosting two doctoral contract per year 
  • organizing predoctoral schools, seminars, workshop
  • inviting professors
  • answering to calls/hosting grants

To be involved in the teaching programs

  • constituting a teaching commission
  • creating a Quantum information PhD student community
  • integrating QI related teaching everywhere in SU

To build bridges between academia, the general public and the business world

  • supporting technology transfer and link with industry
  • developing continuing education
  • and any other action that would be relevant for our community

Scientific areas

  • hardware and software development of quantum computing and simulation 
  • hardware and software development of quantum communications
  • theoretical investigation of the foundations of the quantum advantage
  • impact of Quantum Information in other fields, from classical cryptography to humanities and economic implications.