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2021 Doctoral Program opportunities in Quantum Information

Within the framework of the Institutes and Initiatives of the Sorbonne University Alliance (ASU), a campaign to award doctoral contracts financed by the French Excellence Initiative (Idex) has been launched in January 2021. 

More specifically, the Quantum Information Center Sorbonne (QICS) will award two doctoral programs related to quantum information, from both the physics and computer science point of view. It includes:

  • Quantum computing (including simulation) and communications;
  • Hardware, software and foundational aspects;
  • Broad impact of quantum information (postquantum cryptography, machine learning, humanities, economical implications, etc.).

To be eligible, the project leader should be the PhD supervisor and member of a laboratory affiliated with the ASU.

The recruitment campaign is divided into several phases:

  • A call for doctoral research projects is launched among researchers and lecturers at the Alliance Sorbonne-University.
  • The doctoral research projects validated by the doctoral schools are submitted to a committee of researchers and teacher-researchers chaired by the Directors of the Institute.
  • The projects preselected by this committee are published on the Sorbonne University website (doctoral section) and on the doctoral schools’ websites.
  • Students first send their applications to the project leaders. They will then be auditioned by a jury.
  • Selected candidates will be awarded a doctoral contract after the interview.

Call for project calendar:

20/02/21: submission proposals deadline for researchers to doctoral schools
03/03/21: deadline for validation by doctoral schools
pre-selection of projects
submission of student applications deadline
 Laureate announcement

Documents to apply

Description of the call (in French):

Proposal template below: