PhD program

2021 Doctoral Program laureates

Within the framework of the Institutes and Initiatives of the Sorbonne University Alliance (ASU), a campaign to award doctoral contracts financed by the French Excellence Initiative (Idex) has been launched in January 2021. 

More specifically, the Quantum Information Center Sorbonne (QICS) will award two doctoral programs related to quantum information, from both the physics and computer science point of view.

On Friday the 21st, 6 students have been auditioned by a jury (10 min presentation and 10 min question) composed of :

Frédéric Grosshans – President of the jury – LIP6 and QICS Co-Director
Khamsa Habouchi – QICS general secretary
Agnès Maître – Professor at INSP
Zaki Leghtas – Associate professor at LPENS
Anastasios Giovanidis – Researcher at LIP6
Yannick Chassagneux – Researcher at LPENS
Carlos BADER – Associate professor at ISEP

The 6 projects selected for the QICS PhD program are:

Name candidateName director.sLaboratoryProject titleRank
Kirill GerashchenkoAntoine Heidmann &
Samuel Deléglise
LKBMecaFlux1st laureate
Marie JolyValia Voliotis &
Daniel Garcia Sanchez
INSPRealizing arbitrary quantum operations on a mechanical oscillato

Johan HénaffValentina ParigiLKBComplex quantum Networks for quantum machine learning protocols3rd
Alistair BrewinDamian Markham &
Alex Bredariol Grilo
LIP6Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity andDerandomization4th
Niels Tripier-MondancinNicolas TrepsLKBPeignes de fréquences quantiques pour des protocoles d’information quantique5th
Samuel BouazizDamien Vergnaud &
Alex Bredariol Grilo
LIP6Impact of quantum computers on Impagliazzo’s five worldsUnclassified