PhD program

2021 Doctoral Program opportunities in Quantum Information

Within the framework of the Institutes and Initiatives of the Sorbonne University Alliance (ASU), a campaign to award doctoral contracts financed by the French Excellence Initiative (Idex) has been launched in January 2021. 

More specifically, the Quantum Information Center Sorbonne (QICS) will award two doctoral programs related to quantum information, from both the physics and computer science point of view.

The recruitment campaign is divided into several phases and is now starting with the second step of the PhD program which consists, for students, in sending their applications to the project leaders. They will then be auditioned by a jury (10 min presentation and 10 min question). Selected candidates will be awarded a doctoral contract after the interview.

Submission of student applications:
Below are the 6 projects selected for the QICS PhD program :
Realizing arbitrary quantum operations on a mechanical oscillato
Complex quantum Networks for quantum machine learning protocols
Peignes de fréquences quantiques pour des protocoles d’information quantique
Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity and Derandomization
Impact of quantum computers on Impagliazzo’s five worlds

03/05/21: deadline
to submit your application
 Laureate announcement

To submit their project, the candidates have to get in touch with the project leaders (details in the 6 links above) and, with their agreement, send their application to the affiliated doctoral school as well as to the following address

Download below the document to apply

More details are available in Sorbonne University website following this link (in French)