Small seminar #1

The monthly PhD student’s seminar in Quantum information
Accessible only to PhD students and Post-doc

Our first seminar will take place at Jussieu, Pierre & Marie Curie Campus, amphitheater Charpak which is located on the Ground floor / Saint Bernard level of Campus Jussieu. 
From Tower 22 on the Jussieu slab, go down to the SB / RC level. Turn left until the exit of the rotunda. Access to the Charpak amphitheater is through gate 2233-SB-02 on the other side of the internal road.

From 11.45 am to 12.25 pm on Wednesday, the 2nd of June

For this first seminar, our 2 speakers are Federico Centrone, from QI team at Lip6 and Tom Darras, from Quantum Network team at LKB.

Practical quantum e-voting without election authorities:

In this work, Federico Centrone present a quantum protocol that exploits an untrusted multipartite entangled quantum source to carry on an election without relying on election authorities, simultaneous broadcast or computational assumptions, and whose result is publicly verifiable without compromising the robustness of the scheme. The level of security depends directly on the fidelity of the shared multipartite entangled quantum state; however, the protocol can be readily implemented for a few voters with state-of-the-art technology. 
From 11:45 am to 12:05 pm

Hybrid entanglement in heterogeneous quantum networks:

The building of quantum networks is stimulating the development of multiple physical platforms and different types of encodings in a heterogeneous structure allowing full functionality. Central to this endeavour is the capability to distribute and interconnect optical entangled states relying on different discrete and continuous quantum variables. Here, we report an entanglement swapping protocol involving single-photon entanglement and hybrid entanglement between particle- and wave-like optical qubits and demonstrate the creation of hybrid entanglement heralded by a specific Bell-state measurement. This ability opens up the prospect of connecting heterogeneous nodes of a network, with the promise of increased integration and functionalities.
From 12:05 pm to 12.25pm

After the talks and if the weather allows us to do it, we invit you to join us for lunching at the Arènes de lutèce. Just grab a sandwich in your way and meet us here to discuss and share a convivial moment.

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